LDI Studio offers a wide range of services for any project type or size.  
Residential or Commercial. Remodel, Investment properties, or new build. No project is too small, one room renovations or entire homes or businesses. From the tile to the stitching, we design to your needs. See below to get a detailed description of our services. 
LDI Studio - Kitchen
Full Service Design 
A turn key design approach is our specialty. By involving the designer in the project as early as possible, preferably before plans have been drawn or furnishings have been purchased, we are able to create a design that is truly customized to your lifestyle to the last detail.  We stay involved in every aspect of the project moving it forward to reach your goals. 
Consulting with an interior designer before any project can save you time & money. Our knowledge on space planning, building codes, product, materials, availability, and overall planning can help you avoid costly mistakes and valuable time. If hiring a designer to complete your project isn't an option, we offer consultation services on an hourly basis. 
LDI Studio - Before
LDI Studo -Kitchen
Most of us do not buy a house perfectly suited to our needs, but that is exactly what LDI Studio is for. Allow us to design a space that is perfectly suited to your aesthetic in every way! Check out the Before & After page to see a few rooms from our list of full home renovations. 
Keep scrolling for more information on what all is involved.
LDI Studio -FloorPlan
LDI Studio -CabinetElevation
Architectural Drawings
Technical drawings, or CAD Drawings, are necessary and completed with every project. This allows us to properly layout every space in detail, including technical specifications for plumbing & electrical. Most cities require floor plans for permits to begin construction, we complete these documents when all design plans are finalized. 
LDI Studio - Kitchen Rendering
Concept-Bathroom 2019-03-06 14533400000.
Hand Sketches & 3D Renderings
A rendering is the best tool we use to explain our design intent. Renderings allow you to see the space completed and make changes as necessary. We either draw these by hand or  use several types of software to create 3D renderings so you can see your space before work begins. 
LDI Studio - Rosser-Construction
LDI Studio- Kitche
Project Management
Every project is full of moving parts that require attention daily in order for a project to be completed in a timely manner. Managing every detail of the project and communicating with all of those involved is the key to a successful project.
Install days are the most exciting and the most important day throughout the process! We are present at every install to ensure every item is perfectly installed, hung, or placed. The details make the design and they are not to be overlooked!
LDI Studio- Plans
LDI Studio- Rendering
LDI Studio - Materials
Hand Holding Color Swatches
Custom Furniture Design & Layout
While there are thousands of furniture vendors to search through there will usually be that one piece that needs to be specifically designed to fit a space. We work directly with carpenters and upholsters to design your perfectly customized piece. 
Finish Specifications
Finish specifications are one of the many documents we complete to keep projects organized and all involved contractors up to date with our selections.